Fantasy Renovation

Examples and Ideas



Most owners are stuck with boring rooms and layouts when they purchase a new or pre-owned property. Fantasy Renovation is a dream renovation for many property owners. Even with new construction properties, owners are unable to progress their Fantasy Renovation due to the limits by the builders.

Fantasy Renovation can be planned during updates for the property. Wild ideas as per individual preferences can be implemented. With the latest material and technologies, Fantasy Renovation are possible. Some of the changes may be permanent but the renovation can be reversible if you change your choices later.

Non-traditional layouts and trendy looks are made true with Fantasy Renovation. Custom designs and highend modifications can be done by checking rules and seeking approvals from the authorities. Luxury interiors and exteriors can be implemented after careful considerations. Fantasy Renovation is mandatory when you have a new family member or have to make the property wheelchair accessible.

Fantasy Renovation
Fantasy Renovation Pool


Fantasy Renovation has no boundaries and the ideas are unlimited. You can turn any living space in to the dream idea you may have. With minimum disturbances to the existing structure, the Fantasy Renovation ideas can be implemented.

Here are some ideas for Fantasy Renovation:

  • Glass bathtub
  • Stairs with a slide
  • Swimming pool that is both indoor and outdoor
  • Musical walls
  • Tree house for kids room
  • Beach themes for bed rooms
  • Understairs doll house
  • Bookcase along the stairs
  • Swing set for the meeting table
  • Living room swing set
  • Glass floors for the bathroom
  • Garage office
  • Office in the garden
  • Solar tiles roof
  • Mirrored walls
  • Multi level deck
  • Open floor plans with flexible areas
  • Glass outdoor walls

The Fantasy Renovations can be achieved by careful planning and implementation. Identifying the budget is crucial for Fantasy Renovation as the project tends to quickly surpass the estimates due to other factors such as time and material.


Fantasy Renovation budget is the main roadblock of the project. Property owners do not want to break their bank to accommodate the Fantasy Renovation. Most opt for the normal changes due to the fear of the costs involved. However, property owners may realize that there may not be big difference cost wise after reviewing estimates from multiple contractors for both normal renovation and Fantasy Renovation.

The property owner must research the creative ways to achieve their goals and convince the contractor. It is suggested to get a detailed written process of how the project will be implemented to avoid any surprises. Sometimes, a Fantasy Renovation project may be against the Home Owner Association rules or new rules might have to be formed to implement the idea. A detailed design and cost estimates must be submitted for appropriate approvals.

It is suggested to set aside 20 percent of the cost as a buffer for the unexpected costs such as a plumbing failure or material upgrades. Maintenance costs of the Fantasy Renovation also must be considered before implementing the project. Further, some projects might not be eligible for property tax exemption or Home Improvement tax credits.

Fantasy Renovation Glass Wall
Fantasy Renovation Indoor Pool


Olde Town Roofing is the leading Fantasy Renovation contractor in the MidWest. They can take any home improvement project you may have and turn it in to the Fantasy Renovation you dreamt of. For example, this home owner wanted to update his roof. At the same time, they wanted a light roof instead of the boring dark roof. Olde Town Roofing suggested the modern colors from IKO and the home owner are able to achieve their Fantasy Renovation. Olde Town Roofing's pricing also suited the home owners budget and hence it was a perfect project!

Before Fantasy Renovation

Roof Before Fantasy Renovation

After Fantasy Renovation

Roof After Fantasy Renovation

Some other Fantasy Renovation services from Olde Town Roofing include siding, windows, deck, bathroom, kitchen, flooring, room addition, solar, painting, electrical, and so on. Olde Town Roofing are a IKO Shield Pro Plus certified contractor. They also partner with James Hardie siding and Andersen windows to offer quality services. Olde Town Roofing can take up oldest buildings and turn them in to the modern living spaces without damaging the existing structure. Here is a deck addition that Olde Town Roofing turned in to a Fantasy Renovation.

Deck Before Fantasy Renovation

Deck Before Fantasy Renovation

Deck After Fantasy Renovation

Deck After Fantasy Renovation

Olde Town Roofing

Government and commercial projects are possible with Olde Town Roofing. They also offer financing and insurance claim processing assistance for their customers. They have additional service guarantees on top of manufacturer warranty. Your investment is safe with Olde Town Roofing's products and services. Call Olde Town Roofing at 309-738-5550 or 563-723-9940 or 309-517-1676 for more information about your Fantasy Renovation.

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